Monday, February 11, 2008

Whopper shortage rumors lead to stockpiling

Last month, SBB shared the news that Burger King's "Whopper Freakout" campaign was generating some pretty serious recall. Now, it appears that the campaign has generated something else: sales. Friday's Wall Street Journal reports that the King is crediting the campaign with a double-digit December increase, along with a "significant brand relevance" boost.

And to give more evidence to the everything-is-more- sophisticated-than-it-seems theory, the WSJ article also provides a little background into BK's tactic:

The videotaped hoax was a twist on a market research technique called "deprivation research," in which marketers measure how loyal consumers are to a brand or product by taking it away from them. The insight gained helps marketers design new marketing and ad ploys that will resonate better with consumers.
Regardless of the reasons for its success, "Whopper Freakout" seems to be working. That means we're sure to see copycat campaigns from other marketers hoping for the same customer response. Watch for "Real Estate Outburst," "Music on Compact Disc Tantrum," and "Daily Newspaper Conniption Fit" any day now.

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