Sunday, February 3, 2008

SoundBite Bowl Part XIII--includes local spots

Fox, Daytona 500 promo—incomplete. Fox loves itself some special effects. This spot will get no one to watch the race who wasn’t going to watch it already.

Ford, “Swap your Ride”—incomplete: Ford goes after Chevy in this spot from a tired campaign...shouldn’t they be going after Toyota?

Michael Israel “Heroes and Icons” Tour—incomplete: if you do a Venn diagram of the audience for this show, and the Super Bowl audience, there’s probably not much of an intersection. And given that the Super Bowl audience is pretty much everyone, that's really saying something.

Boat Show—incomplete: O.K., they got the date beat into my brain, but then there’s that horrible jingle.

Parkview—FG: excellent job by Boyden & Youngblutt on this one...pretty spot with pretty babies

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