Friday, February 29, 2008

What reporters REALLY say when you're not around

A friend alerted me to a new site that provides an unvarnished view of journalists' pet peeves: It's a compilation of everything from the frustrations reporters are feeling to the office politics of the newsroom. The site also serves a very practical purpose, giving PR people good examples of what NOT to do--like this, for example:

Why are you angry today? PR people who don’t do their research. They insist on wasting my time to promote their pathetic story which if they knew ANYTHING about our paper would know that we’re not interested at all. As well as asking if I would like to meet with a representative from their organisation when they visit a town four hours away from me.
If you're willing to learn, the angry journalist's pain can be your gain. Just be sure to wear your thickest skin to the party.

Hat tip: The Bad Pitch Blog

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