Sunday, February 3, 2008

SoundBite Bowl Part XV--includes local spots

ProBowl promo—incomplete: this would have been a great opportunity to remind football fans that the ProBowl is their last chance to see the NFL for a while (some might argue, though, that the NFL actually loses fans after they watch the Pro Bowl).

McDonalds—incomplete: this spot would have been at least a little better if they had incorporated the squeaky straw noise. Related question: did anyone who went to Mickey D's

WFFT-TV promo—incomplete: WFFT apparently is now providing tips about living green...does anyone care?

Centennial “Switching Moments”—NO COMMENT. Asher did these spots, so I am abstaining on this one

Dodge—incomplete: another uninspired ad from a U.S. automaker

King of the Hill promo—FG: good timing to catch all the Tom Petty fans who are still awake (kidding!)

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