Sunday, February 3, 2008

SoundBite Bowl Part IX

Careerbuilder—FG: almost a touchdown, but at first I thought her boob exploded and I wasn’t sure what was going on. Also, they could have countered’s negative ad with something more positive, but this one’s equally as dark (even if no boobs exploded)

Lifewater—incomplete: this is the quintessential “we have nothing to say, so here’s a model and some lizards” spot

Office of National Drug Control Policy, "Drug Dealer"—incomplete: leave it to the ONDCP to harsh everyone’s mellow


Kristen said...

Anthony - fun to read along with you - I am definitely the type who catches a bit of the game in between the commercials.

Do you know of a website where you can watch the commercials you miss? I am trying the myspace site they promoted, but might be too old to figure it out. :)

And BTW - I totally agree on the Lifewater spot. At first I was surprised that Geico was entering the beverage industry, and then just felt confused and a little disturbed - they were dancing together because??? And to Thriller???

And I certainly don't know of anyone who finds Naomi Campbell remotely likable. Big big miss for me.

Kristen "but I can't help myself, I do love the screaming animals" Guthrie

Anthony Juliano said...

Hey,Kristen: chcek out the "AdBowl" site,

Thanks for following along!