Friday, February 15, 2008

Nine questions about Axe's "Clinton Endorses Obama" ad

  1. Is it funny?
  2. Are presidential candidates fair game for parody ads?
  3. Would it be better, worse, or no different if the button said "McCain"?
  4. Is it sexist (any more so than the typical Axe ad)?
  5. Does it help Obama?
  6. Does it help Clinton?
  7. Does it have any effect on either candidate?
  8. What do you think they're implying?
  9. Will it help Axe sell any products?
Your thoughts?

Hat tip: Collective Wisdom

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'll bite . .

1. Yes.
2. Yes. At least according to Saturday Night Live.
3. I think the ad would be more confusing if it was McCain, because you might be caught up wondering why she was switching parties.
4. Not any more than their typical ads. Maybe less.
5. Hmm . . . not sure.
6. Well, actually, the picture makes it seem like she is in on the joke, so maybe.
7. Not sure.
8. That Obama uses Axe, which makes him irresistible, even to his biggest competitor . . . "imagine the power of axe"
9. I don't know about that, but it is alot more appealing to me than their normal ads

This ad grew on me the more I thought about it . . .

Kristen Guthrie