Sunday, February 3, 2008

New poll: Super Bowl ads

Now it's your turn: which Super Bowl ad was your favorite? Take the poll in the right hand column. I'd also like to hear, in the comments below, what you liked about your favorite spot, whether you liked a spot that isn't in the poll, and which spots you didn't like.


Jon Swerens said...

I don't know if it was the best ad of the night, but the Pixar "Wall-e" ad sure did get my kids -- and me -- interested in the movie, by making us interested in the character.

Anonymous said...

The favorite ad from the party I attended was the Planter's cashew commercial. Not only was the premise comical and entertaining, but everyone was able to recall the product after.

Jason said...

Overall, I think Anheuser Busch led the way again with their expected antics with the best being the "Rocky" ad. Best new campaign goes to the E-Trade baby ads. Both were amusing and fit well together in explaining how easy the service is to use.