Wednesday, January 2, 2008 goes for two in a row

How does SBB know that this year's Super Bowl ad will suck? From, the leading provider of sales leads and mailing lists, is set to unveil a series of three new spots during Super Bowl XLII, February 3rd on FOX, in the hopes of capturing America's collective "thumbs-down crown" for the second consecutive year.

Vin Gupta, founder and chairman of, conceptualized and wrote copy for the ads himself. While other brands battle for accolades, isn't phased by boos and jeers from the audience. "It was judged to be the best by the real pros," says Gupta. "Our ad was one of the few to feature a call-to-action, driving more than 25,000 people to the website. If it positively impacts business like it did last year, we'd be thrilled to be the worst again.", it seems, was so thrilled with being the lowest-rated commercial last year that they're taking a similar approach with their Super Bowl XLI spots. As I tried to remember my thoughts upon seeing last year's SalesGenie ad, I saw this comment from a YouTube member that sums things up pretty well:
honestly, when i saw this i thought it was gonna turn into a joke. then it ended. and i thought 'that is the shittiest commercial i have ever seen.
And here, in its entirety, is the offending spot. Look for something equally as horrible on Feb. 3.

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