Thursday, January 10, 2008

Magazine sayz CrazyPinz bowlz 'em over

WANE reports that Fort Wayne's CrazyPinz has received several awards from Bowlers Journal Magazine:

"We won four awards, but the one were most proud of is that we won "Best New Center" in the world. There were other places in England, Italy, and Poland... so it truly is an international award," Crazy Pinz owner Dave Kerschner told Newschannel 15's Matt McCutcheon.

Other awards include First Place in "Best Exterior", "Best Arcade Area", and Second Place for "Best Interior."
This, along with their big ol' ad in Sunday's paper, makes this a very good week on the marketing front for CrazyPinz.

I haven't been there yet, but it sounds like this might be one of those Fort Wayne purple cows we've been talking about so much this week. If you think so, tell us why in the comments, or submit a contest entry.

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