Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Black turtleneck optional

Great BusinessWeek column on Friday: "Deliver a Presentation like Steve Jobs." Carmine Gallo highlights 10 things that the Apple/Pixar founder does well, strategies you can adopt to make your next presentation insanely great.

Being a huge fan of the man behind the Mac, SBB also
has complied a list of its own--"The Top 10 Little Known Steve Jobs Presentation Strategies":

10. Start presentation by running down center aisle clad in a unitard; throw hammer through screen

Stop in mid-speech to take call from his wife on iPhone

8. Throw on a heather grey mock turtleneck, just to mix things up

7. Try to stuff
NeXT Cube into a manila envelope; fail

6. Use scissor lift to reach point on graph showing "Number of people pissed off when we lowered the price of the iPhone"

5. Unveil new iPod that doubles as a pacemaker

4. Put a pile of MacBooks on the stage next to a bag of
tangelos; yell "that's like comparing apples and oranges!"

3. Have henchmen force Bill Gates onstage to perform "
I'm a Mac, and I'm a PC" skit

2. Announce that he's going to give everyone in the audience a check equal to his annual salary;
giggle to himself while everyone goes nuts

1. When all else fails, bust out the Dilbert cartoons

Bonus coverage: check out highlights from Jobs' 2008 Macworld keynote

Hat tip: You know who you are.

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