Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ad Notes from Sunday's JG

Two interesting ads in today's Journal Gazette:

  1. Crazy Pinz bought two full pages, back-to-back, celebrating its first anniversary. The immediate effect it had on me as a consumer? "They must be doing well," I thought. "I should go there with my son sometime."
  2. Waste Management ran a color employment ad in the Metro section. My perspective as a marketing guy? It's somewhat of a risk since job seekers will head to the classifieds (if they're looking the paper at all, that is), but it's a good move given all the clutter on the jobs page. More people read the Metro section than the classifieds, and running the ad in color made it stand out. I'm guessing I wouldn’t have noticed it if it were in black and white.
I'm still skeptical about the the overall effectiveness and long-term viability of most newspaper advertising. But if you're going to be in the paper, run your ad on Sunday, go big, and use color, or don’t advertise at all. These two ads reinforced that opinion.

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