Sunday, January 13, 2008

One way the web is changing political advertising

How has the Internet changed political advertising? One example: It’s moved the mass media conversation from monologue to dialogue.

Rudy Giuliani’s “Ready” ad is a great example. The candidate creates a spot that uses some compelling imagery and strong words to make a strong statement. And the responses, issued almost immediately, use that same imagery and those same words to make some excellent counter arguments.

Take this parody touting Ron Paul (this and those that follow are NSFW):

Or this one, which accuses Giuliani (and others) of fascism:

Or this one, that’s just plain silly (and not for the squeamish):

The true question is whether any of this changes minds or moves the debate forward. And if it does, is it because of because of the power and reach of the traditional campaign TV ad, or because the collective power of these parodies overshadows the power of the original message? One thing’s for sure: if the latter is true, then the campaigns are spending a lot of money to give their detractors some pretty powerful ammunition.

Hats tipped to Left in Aboite and Rachel B. at BPOTS.

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