Saturday, January 26, 2008

Neoti launches at Moe's and Bandido's

This week's Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly includes a story about the Neoti Broadcast Network's Summit City launch. I'm quoted in the story, restating some of the things I said in this December post, but GFWBW also provides new information about what Neoti hopes to offer advertisers:

“The thing we like about that is the ability to ‘narrow-cast,’” [Neoti President and CEO Derek Myers] said. “Screen locations in Aboite can play content related to Aboite. Everything is geographically targeted to the area that they’re in.”
According to the story, Bandido’s and Moe’s Southwest Grill are among the first to host Neoti screens. It appears that Bandido's received some incentives to give Neoti access to its customers' eyeballs:
Bandido’s received free TVs, cable and Wi-Fi service as part of its deal with the company.
I'm curious what the early response is from Moe's and Bandido's customers. Have you seen the Neoti screens? Whaddya think?

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