Saturday, January 12, 2008

Coors Light joins user-generated blitz; horrible submissions give you the chance of a lifetime

Want to go to this year’s Super Bowl? Well, Coors Light wants to send you there, but you’ll have to make a video first, as the New York Times reports.

This being user-generated content, of course, you can do absolutely anything you want. Well, there are a few exceptions:

[F]orbidden in the videos, according to a lengthy list of contest rules, are famous people; references to football teams, players, coaches or owners; political themes; depictions of drinking while driving; drinking games; drinking beer “rapidly, excessively, involuntarily”; religious references; gambling; illegal or explicit sexual activity; any form of intoxication; any beer brands that compete with Coors or Coors Light; violence; and dangerous situations.
What’s not forbidden, if the current entries are any indication? Well...

This truly may be your best shot at Super Bowl tickets. There’s a very good chance you can do better, and you probably can’t do much worse. But hurry...the contest ends Jan. 21.

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