Sunday, January 13, 2008

Join the SoundBite Network

Great suggestion from SBB reader Jon on Friday in regard to our resume/job forum: some Fort Wayne communicators and marketers might be reluctant to post their resumes here if they’re not actively looking for employment. Why not treat it like “networking” instead of a job prospecting site?

Sounds good to SBB. And that’s just what we’re going to do.

So even if you’re not in the market for a new job, feel free to send us a resume (or a link) if you want to show off your skills and get connected to like-minded Fort Wayne folks. As long as you’re in a communication or marketing field in Fort Wayne, we’ll include you in our "SoundBite Network" (Think of it as a much smaller, Smaller Indiana, although I’d encourage you to participate there, too.) The best thing about the SoundBite Network is that you don't have to manage it--no e-mails to read, no photos to upload, no pokes to poke back at. Just post your resume and that's it.

Employers are welcome to post jobs here, too, but they must be in a communication, marketing, or advertising field. We're not trying to replace trying to connect Fort Wayne communication, marketing and advertising professionals. And if that leads to some work for someone...well, that's even better.

To get things started, I’ve made Jon’s resume the first on the SoundBite Network. Jon’s skills include:

  • Making the complex simple through visuals and storytelling
  • Solving internal communications headaches
  • Arming his peers with the tools for the job

Thanks again, Jon, for the idea!

Read the original post for fine print we’d rather not type again.

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