Saturday, March 22, 2008

P & G exec to speak at Mar. 27 Fort Wayne AdFed meeting

Dr. Susan Mboya, Global Director for New Business Development at Procter & Gamble, will be in Fort Wayne on Thu., Mar. 27, to present "Winning With Minorities: An Equal Opportunity Industry." Online registration is available.

The growth in minority populations is a good enough reason to attend this session, but minorities' spending power is increasing, too. One example is the growth in online shopping among minorities, as evidenced by a recent study by
The Media Audit, a syndicated media ratings service. According to the study, 40.6% of African Americans now shop online, as compared to 27.1% in 2003. Among Hispanics, online shopping has increased to 41.8% of the population from just 27.7% five years ago.

Given Dr. Mboya's expertise, the AdFed meeting is likely to provide new insights into reaching customers who may not be hearing your message. It's a great chance to challenge your perceptions and learn about targeting your message in a way that can pay immediate dividends.

Hat tip: Research Brief

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