Monday, March 3, 2008

The ADDY Awards--where everyone's a winner (especially B & Y, Ferguson, and OLG)

The Fort Wayne's ADDY Awards took place Saturday night, with a wide variety of the city's ad agency creatives receiving well-deserved kudos, congrats, and huzzahs. A lot of agencies went home happy, as the Journal Gazette reports, but some went home happier than others: Ferguson Advertising took home 13 gold ADDYs, Boyden & Youngblutt received 11, and One Lucky Guitar had an even 10. Catalyst Marketing & Design was honored with a Best of Show award, and LaBov & Beyond, Asher Agency, The Nichols Co., and Katie Kline, a University of Saint Francis student, all received judges' awards. A lot of other agencies did well, too.

Other highlights only hinted at, or not hinted at at all, by the JG:

  • One member of the OLG team swears the red sweat suits were NOT a "punk move," but a long-planned show of agency chemistry, fashion sense, and Wu-Tang-Clanness.
  • Some people can pull off fake tattoos; some can't (Matt Georgi, I'll let you guess where you fall).
  • The T-shirts were awesome.
  • If you see SBB reader Beth H., tell her congratulations on her shiny gold ADDY.
  • Mad Anthony's is a fine location for an after party.
Nice job by everyone involved. Next year, red sweat suits for everyone--but let's leave the tattoos to the professionals.

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Beth said...

Aww, thanks Anthony. I was pretty surprised about winning, but I say never look a gift horse in the mouth. It was a very fun show this year (although it would have been even better if Lisa Goodman would have shown up in that video with a tattoo).