Monday, March 17, 2008

Or, maybe don't settle for a resume at all

Hard on the heels of my post about some cool resume tools, Seth Godin has this to say about marketing yourself to employers:

Great people shouldn't have a resume.

Here's why: A resume is an excuse to reject you. Once you send me your resume, I can say, "oh, they're missing this or they're missing that," and boom, you're out.


If you don't have a resume, what do you have?

How about three extraordinary letters of recommendation from people the employer knows or respects?
Or a sophisticated project they can see or touch?
Or a reputation that proceeds you?
Or a blog that is so compelling and insightful that they have no choice but to follow up?


Great jobs, world class jobs, jobs people kill for... those jobs don't get filled by people emailing in resumes. Ever.

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