Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Where communication, the law, marketing, and fragmentation intersect

A miscommunication horror story from Michigan. How does something like this happen? Well...

  • Imprecise language. If you advertise it as "MIKE'S LEMONADE," don't blame people for thinking it's lemonade. The sad truth is, the root cause of the problem was probably just a lack of space on the sign to call the product what it really is.
  • Beauracratic idiocy. O.K., this one's off topic--but c'mon. This is just stupid.
  • Marketing. Lemonade's tasty, and it overpowers the alcohol. Great combination, right?
  • Fragmentation. We have unlimited choice in products, which makes it impossible to keep track of everything. Why hadn't this dad heard of this particular product? "Nobody in the...family watches much television."
The lesson in all this? I dunno. Always check the label? Watch more TV? Drink more water? Get a bigger sign?

Photo: Eric Seals, Detroit Free Press
Hat tip: NancyNall.com

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Anonymous said...

If he had no clue "hard lemonade" is alcoholic, you think he would have at least questioned why it wasn't hard. See, he's just ignorant, I bet he drinks grape juice at communion too.