Thursday, April 24, 2008

"Telling me what you don't know makes me trust you": Remarkable Communication on communicating with your customers

Great list from the Remarkable Communication blog on Monday: "50 Things Your Customers Wish You Knew." The whole list is worth reading, but here are my favorites:

  • Telling me what you don't know makes me trust you.
  • Your employees treat me about as well as you treat them.
  • My life is really stressful. If you can reduce that stress, you become immensely valuable to me.
  • Once you've won my trust and loyalty, the truth is you can screw up once in awhile and I will forgive you. If I don't think you're taking me for granted, that is.
  • When I refer my friends and you give them exceptional service, that makes me look and feel smart. I love that.
  • I'm lousy at admitting I was wrong, but I respect you when you do it.
  • There's no worse feeling than feeling like I was suckered into trusting you. If I'm screaming at you or one of your employees, that feeling is probably behind it somewhere.
  • Our relationship isn't equal and it never will be.
  • I hate salespeople, but I really like to buy things.
  • I want to buy your product, but I need you to help me justify it to myself.
  • I want you to do the hard work for me. Even better if I can get all the credit.
  • I'd rather do it the convoluted hard way than learn something new.
I'll add one more: If it's important to me, you better at least pretend it's important to you. I'd prefer that you think it's important, too, but even pretending to care is better than not caring.

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