Monday, April 21, 2008

Facebook Chat beta tester discusses pros and cons (mostly cons)

I'm a big believer in the power of social networks, and I'm convinced we're seeing a shift in preference toward IM over e-mail. Now, the Personal Branding Blog reports, those two worlds are colliding in a big way, with this month's launch of a Facebook Chat beta. Does this tester like what he sees? Well, not all of it:

I can see there being problems with the new IM feature. People or stalkers will have an easier path to harassing others. Also, don’t you think we already know enough about people and when they are online? Now you are going to let us follow people and contact them at free will! Anyways, any move you make on Facebook will be shown to your network and those outside of your network, so try and set privacy and be careful of this new IM feature.
Do you share these concerns? If you're a Facebook member, do you plan to use Chat?

Bonus coverage: Facebook's Josh Wiseman on the Chat beta

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Jon Swerens said...

Ugh. Software bloat continues at Facebook. I think it's another example of a Web site/software developer trying to do too much to gain market share.