Wednesday, April 2, 2008

West wing and a prayer

Maybe I'm just old. But does anyone other than Kanye West think it's a good idea for Kanye West to start an online travel website? From today's

The Grammy-award-winning performer is extending his brand with a travel website this week,, that aims to offer quality low airfares, hotels and rental cars without service or membership fees. The site is hyperlinked to Mr. West's fan site,, and future phases call for travel packages with tickets to his concerts and concert merchandise.
My prediction is that this implodes within six months, and that the last five and half months are just to make it look like it wasn't a total disaster. Your predictions are welcome in the comments.


mswanson said...

It looks like he is using a co-branded solution that is set up by So really he doesn't have a whole lot of cost behind this in developing his on travel solution and the platform whould be pretty well tested. So not a lot of down-side.

If he can create some special event packages that revolve around his primary music business that will be appealing to his audience it's an intersting brand extension.

Create a special "members only" type event at some exotic location and not only does he get whatever event sponsor package revenue he can come up with, but he gets a piece of the action on all of travel expenses for the people that attend.

Justin Clupper said...

I think it's a creative idea. Starlets throughout Hollywood are creating their own branding -- from Martha Stewart to "The Donald" to Jessica Simpson. It's a way for them to extend their reach...ultimately making them a lot more money.

I agree that this probably won't last too long...but kudos to Kanye and his Branding team for creativity.

Brian said...

You are old.

But you're also right. Not sure who's going to think "travel" = Kanye West no matter how hard he tries. Even if he does tie in locations where he's performing.