Monday, May 5, 2008

The 13 year-old boy test

Want an objective opinion about the name you've chosen for your new product? Run it by a group of 13 year-old boys. If they start giggling--and that's not the response you want to elicit from everyone else--then go back to the drawing board.

I bet the marketers behind AcipHex wish they had done that.


ScLoHo (Scott Howard) said...

Almost as bad as the website for Pen Island.

Jon Swerens said...

You just about made my wife and me spit up on the keyboard. We've seen the ad before, but now, thanks to YOU, we'll never be able to watch that ad again without falling down laughing.

Erik Deckers said...

You don't need to ask a 13-year-old boy, just ask me.

My favorite writing blog, MenWithPens, suffers from the same problem. I do a double-take and stifle a snicker every time I see the website.

Ah, to be 40 and immature.