Friday, May 30, 2008

Hmmmm..suddenly, I'm kind of a huge Twitter fan

You may have read some posts where I've said I don't quite get Twitter. Well, earlier this month, Copyblogger challenged its readers to compose a story using exactly 140 characters, the maximum length of a Twitter post. Not up to 140 characters, mind you--exactly 140 characters. Given my attention span, the chance to write a micronovel immediately grabbed my attention. And when I saw the great prizes Copyblogger was offering, I was more than willing to put my Twitter skepticism aside.

The result, based on a true story, was this:

Tony was a snitch, so I wasn’t surprised when his torso turned up in the river. What did surprise me, though, was where they found his head.
Well, today Copyblogger announced the winners, and lo and behold, my entry took second place out of 400+ submissions. After reading some of the other winners, I feel very fortunate to have been selected. There are some incredibly talented microwriters out there--and reading their stuff doesn't take that long, another bonus for the easily distracted!

So thanks, Copyblogger, sponsors, judges, and everyone else involved in the contest. You might
just make a Twit out of me yet!


Jon Swerens said...

Oh, you're so fickle! Someone waves an iPod in your face, and free Web presence, and $50 at Amazon, and, um, hmmm ... maybe I like Twitter, too.

Daniel Smith said...

Congratulations on your second-place finish, your entry was one of my favourites for sure. Thanks also for dropping a link over to my post with the slideshows- much appreciated.

Great blog, to btw, I've bookmarked it for reading a little later and I'll be back for your updates. Keep up the good work

Daniel Smith
Smithereens Blog