Friday, May 30, 2008

Rachael Ray's scarf isn't the only threat to our freedom

Now that Michelle Malkin has saved us from the clear and present danger of Rachael Ray's Unamerican scarf, what's next on her advertising blacklist? Here are a few terrorism-bustin' possibilities:

He's big and red--just like Communism! And he has an equally unhealthy influence over kids. Kool-Aid must be stopped.

Is that a Fruit Roll-Up in your Lucky Charms, or a
flag? Sure, Mali's on our side now, but Iran was once on our side, too!

You know where camels live? The desert.
You know who else lives in the desert?

If Apple makes Big Brother seem like the enemy, then people will start thinking for themselves--then
who knows what scarves we'll be subjected to! "Thinking different" is obviously dangerous.

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