Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The mouse looks for lab rats

You know those nice, friendly people at Disney? Well, that whole nice, friendly thing is just a ploy to get you to let your guard down so they can poke at your brain! Or something like that, says today's International Herald Tribune:

A laboratory in Austin, Texas, to be founded by The Walt Disney Co. by the end of the year aims to...[test] the biometric reactions of a pool of up to 4,000 people to advertising that takes advantage of the latest technology.

In a controlled living room setting, scientists will measure heart rate and skin conductivity and track the gaze of participants who are exposed to new ad models over the Internet, mobile devices and TV screens.

The goal? To see whether new and interactive ads elicit a more visceral response so their networks, like ESPN and ABC, can charge more for them. If this sounds a little creepy, then wait until you hear what the guy who will run the lab has to say about it:
"TV is not a rational medium, it's an emotional medium," [Duane] Varan said. "We can get to a deeper layer of what's motivating people by seeing how they behave, observing them in experimental settings and seeing how their body reacts."
So, any volunteers? You may also get a chance to star in the new Disney movie, The Ludovico Technique!

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