Thursday, June 26, 2008

Who's who in Fort Wayne print publications

Similar names, ownership changes, and other factors have made for a lot of confusion about who's who in Fort Wayne print publications. In an attempt to clear up some of the confusion, here's a quick rundown of the major players:

- Fort Wayne Newspapers is the parent group of the two dailies, the
Journal Gazette and the News-Sentinel. The JG publishes every day, the NS every day but Sunday. The JG is independently/privately owned; the NS is owned by Ogden Newspapers

- FWN also publishes a monthly lifestyle magazine, titled--appropriately enough--Fort Wayne Monthly

- Business People is a monthly glossy magazine from Michiana Business Publications, which also publishes a quarterly lifestyle mag, Fort Wayne Living

- The KPC Media Group publishes a weekly business tabloid, the Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly, and a free monthly lifestyle magazine, Greater Fort Wayne Family. KPC also owns the Times Community Publications--five free shoppers delivered by mail: Aboite & About, the Dupont Valley Times, the East Allen County Times, the Georgetown Times, and the St. Joe Times, (KPC also publishes several northeast Indiana newspapers)

- Providence Communications publishes Upstate Indiana Business Journal--which used to be the
Fort Wayne Business Journal--and Fort Wayne Woman

- WhatzUp
is a weekly music/entertainment/nightlife tabloid

- The
Fort Wayne Reader is a weekly independent newspaper. FWR and Ink, a weekly newspaper focused on the African-American community, are owned by Diversity Media Group

Frost Illustrated is another weekly focused on the African-American community

Let me know if I've missed anything.


Beth said...

Hi Anthony,

Just a few additions to your list (which is very good, by the way). FWN also publishes "Fort Wayne Magazine Weddings," and a parenting magazine (I can't remember what it's called). KPC now publishes "At Home" -- a home decor magazine, and there is also "Northern Indiana Lakes," published by Greg Perigo.

There are some others that are directories and are primarily advertising vehicles.

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