Sunday, June 22, 2008

She probably thinks Kim Possible is a total harlot

This from this morning's Journal Gazette, in a story about "Toll Road detractors":

Everyone seems to agree that bringing electronic tolling to Indiana was long overdue. But the advertising campaign urging Hoosiers to purchase a transponder, which saves them money on tolls, is another thing.

i-Zoom Girl is the buxom superhero mascot of the program. She was created by a South Bend advertising firm and has been on billboards and radio ads for months in the northern region of the state.

“I am mortified by the action figure I saw advertising these changes,” said Beth Williams, of Goshen, in a letter sent to Lt. Gov. Becky Skillman. “The year is 2008. How could anyone think that a large breasted, small waisted, scantily clad Barbie-type figure would be appropriate for this new venture?”

Williams says she is not a prude but found the mascot offensive and suggested instead that perhaps a race car might better fit the campaign.

A few notes:
  • Actually, Williams is a prude
  • Buxom ain't what it used to be, apparently
  • Not sure which "South Bend advertising firm" this is, but I feel your pain
Scan from the Journal Gazette, because despite my best efforts to find her online, I-Zoom Girl appears to be too sexy for the web

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