Sunday, June 29, 2008

An Emphasis on productivity

Thanks to Nicole Wilkins, my post on "Productivity tips for every hour of the day" was reprinted in the Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce's Emphasis publication on Friday. Nicole was a participant in the YLNI Leadership Institute session that I facilitated, and she's a contributor to the Chamber's blog, The Daily Dose*.

One thing I wanted to mention based on some good-natured comments I've received since Friday: no, I don't always take my own advice. There are plenty of days when I eat lunch at my desk, stay well past five, put off the tough tasks, and waste time. But I still think it's important to do what you can, when you can--which is the main idea behind the post. Even if you don't start your day the right way, you still can be productive. You just need to pick your spots, and do what works for you. So don't try to do it all--just do as much as you can, and you'll get more done and have more time to do the things you really want to do.

*Which was just picked up for national syndication by and Newstex. So, congrats, Nicole, and everyone else at The Daily Dose.

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Cro said...

Anthony, you're right about doing as much as you can. The other way you just get completely stressed out. I believe at making small steps to becoming productive. I started with trying to schedule my activities with pen and pencil, it was my first step and it did me a lot of good. Then I realized that I can improve the process and save time on updating my schedule with Web 2.0 tools, like this one. The next step wa inviting my team to work the same way. And you know what? It really works!