Monday, December 24, 2007

A Men's Health article even Fort Wayne can respect

Men's Health articles are usually about abs, sex, and Fort Wayne's collective stupidity. This month's issue, however, also includes a great article about Google's Douglas Merrill and the relationship between organization and effective communication:

What’s almost disarming about Merrill—unlike other big-time execs—is that while he’s talking to you, he doesn’t glance at his email or eyeball his blinking phone. Instead, he looks you in the eye. He’s focused. He’s there.

That’s not just an impression; it’s his modus operandi.

“The whole point of organization for me is to clear my head in order to be in the moment,” he explains. “The less stuff that’s rattling around in my brain, the more I can focus on whatever I’m doing.”

This is a guy who "chairs about 60 meetings per week, travels 25% of the year, and manages about 1,000 people." So if he can put everything aside when meeting with someone face-to-face, the rest of us probably can, too.

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