Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Those Nike people know what they're doing

This Nike spot would have been my #1 pick among all those mentioned in Paste Magazine's "10 Best Songs in Commercials During The Olympics." Yes, even at the risk of people asking me where my lapel pin is, I liked it more than Paste's top choice, which is pretty good in its own right. But pairing a great lyric from The Killers with a combination of images featuring the agony of defeat/thrill of victory, Lance before and after, and Oscar Pistorius (an especially bold choice given the controversy earlier this year) make this one of the best brand boosters I've seen in a long time.

What's your favorite, and why?

Hat tip: Ad Freak


John said...

Mr. Juliano,
By chance I visited your blog from Smaller Indiana and stumbled accross the Nike commercial. Great stuff.....
If you are a big music fan you just might know of Duke Tumatoe and that he is at the Elks tonight Sept 19 at 8:00 PM for $5.

Danish Smith said...

Hay. Unable to watch your video.. please update it..

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