Monday, July 7, 2008

Two great reminders of what works

What's the best way to market your product? First, have a product that's worth talking about. So sayeth Pixar's John Lasseter in the Los Angeles Times...:

"Quality is the best business plan of all."
And Sir Richard Branson in this month's GQ, speaking about the key to getting consumers to go green:
“It’s up to business to come up with the inventions that enable people to still enjoy a good lifestyle. I’m just finishing converting Necker Island, an island I own in the Caribbean. It’ll be 100 percent carbon-neutral. The cost of putting in windmills will be paid back in four and a half years. And after that, we’ll have free fuel going forward for the next fifty years. Going green shouldn’t cost you.”
Creating a product that markets itself is difficult, of course, but it's still easier than putting out a crappy product and trying to fool people into thinking it's great.

Hat tip: Lou Harry's A&E on (yes, again)

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