Monday, July 21, 2008

How the BMV can help you stay productive. (Yes, THAT BMV.)

A few weeks ago, I was planning my first BMV visit in a few years and I was not looking forward to it. At all. Then I stumbled across this on the BMV website.

That's right: you can make an appointment with the BMV. So I did. And it works--very well, in fact.

I made an appointment for 8:30, and when I walked in they called my name, escorted me to the first available desk, and I was done in about 10 minutes. Not only was I satisfied, but I became a BMV evangelist, e-mailing all my co-workers and telling everyone I know about this great service.

What surprised me even more, though, is that--according to a story in today's News-Sentinel--my experience isn't all that unique:

The average wait time at the state’s 140 branches has declined from 28 minutes in 2006 to less than nine minutes now. And through thousands of surveys of BMV customers, about 97 percent so far this year have rated their experience at a BMV branch as either excellent, above average or satisfactory.

BMV officials say that’s partly due to new options, including appointments available at many branches, enhanced online services and 176 non-branch locations where some services are offered.
Not only does this save everyone time at the BMV, but it cuts down on time complaining about the BMV, worrying about going to the BMV, and avoiding the BMV. It's not quite to the point where you actually lose time by not going to the BMV, but it's close. (OK, maybe that's a stretch. But the appointment thing really is pretty cool.)

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