Thursday, October 16, 2008

Social networking jumps the shark...or maybe the pig

I'm a big believer in both bacon and niche social networks. But Bacon Lovers' Talk is too much, even for me. Anytime you see the phrase "Join the Bacon Community!" it's time to close the browser.


Wendy said...

Ok, seriously...bacon pinups???? No,no, no, no, no. No. Really no.

Except look what you've done, Anthony - you've driven people (person?) to their site! Kind of scared to know how you even came across this in the first place.

Jason Williams said...

Hilarious! Even better is that I have several friends on Facebook that recently became fans of "Bacon". I sent them the link to BLT as soon as I read your post.

admin said...

How awesome! I'm going there now and telling everyone I know. Thanks for the tip.